Mk1 not working

Ok folks i havving a hard time with this machine that i rescued hooked it up was not working called sienci and the said my motherboard was falty paid for a new one installed id and its doing the same thing so as i can see its not the mother board.

I get this error code in pic when i callabrate. When i go to move it moves on the screen but the machine does not move please help this flustered newoob.

Thanks in advance

@Funtimesinthemaritim You mention an error code, but there is no error code in the screen cap that you included in your post.

Are you getting an error code? If so, what is the code number? What are you doing when you get the code?

You say that β€œit moves on the screen”. Do you mean that you have loaded a gcode file and when you click Run, the visualizer moves but the machine does not?

The code is in the picture when i send the g code it moves o. The screen but the cnc machine does not move i replaced the mother board because i was told it was shot when i probe i get this error

When i setup the g code i hit test run it shows that its working but the cnc machine itself does not move

@Funtimesinthemaritim With respect, there is no error code shown in the picture. If I am missing it somehow, please post the number of the error code you are seeing at your end. Or, perhaps, explain what you believe to be the error on the screenshot.

In terms of test, the machine will not move. gSender is testing the code for errors. The doc on that feature is here

Ok i do my project on easel. I go to gsender upload my project. Make a g code. It makes the g code . I hit test. It moves on the screen but the cnc it self does nothing . When in hit calibrate i get this screen. I flashed the gbrl still nothing. When i connect hope this is more clear

If i jogthe controler it moves on screen but not the cnc

I hope this is better

I am closing this topic and marking it resolved.

The base issue was that the Oops button and the power inlet were not correctly plugged it. Now they are @Funtimesinthemaritim is in business.