MK2 30 x 48 question about table size

Hello to all

I have perused the assembly manual and it looks great. Unfortunately I have not found any mention of the table size for the newer 30 x 48. I want to prebuild my table as I await. With a sheet of MDF where I live costing 95.00 usd plus sales tax , plus lumber tax and then there is the fuel cost because I don’t live in town but a very rural area. I want to get this right and not have to spend my money more than once. So if anyone can tell me, or link me me to the right area on Sienci Labs site. I would be in your debt. Thanks Jack

Hi Jwar
Have you looked at this?

Thanks, I do believe that I skipped that as I had previously downloaded the original pdf for the Longmill and when downloading newer information told it not to overwrite thinking I already had the file. Hence why I was not seeing the 48x30 but only the 30x30 and 12x30. Thanks for pointing this PDF out to me. Just replaced my orginal pdf with the linked one. I can not tell you how fustrated with myself I was because of a file download error on my behalf.

@Jwar - Don’t sweat it Jack. That’s only the first of many “DUH’s” you will experience in the coming days. Just ignore it and continue as if you knew what you were doing. I don’t care how long you have done wood working or anything else you will always have those moments. Before you know it they will get fewer and farther between. Ignore it, file it for future reference and enjoy your new toy is how I look at it.