MK2 48 x 30 Bench Setups

Hi All!

We’ve just purchased a MK2 48 x 30 for our business. We’ve been on and off the CNC train for a couple of years now but the business ahs grown enough that we can support the purchase of the CNC. Happy days.

So my question to “those who know”… what do you have for a bench setup for the 48 x 30? I would prefer to mount the rear of the table to the wall of the shop and using cam lobes underneath the rear horizontal support to micro-level the table at the rear, then bolts to hold it in place. The front legs would have adjustable feet. What do I need to watch out for / plan as far as working space around the front and both sides for when constructing the table?

For a little colour - we already have a dust collection / air filtration system installed and functioning (2HP 220v). We’ll be dropping down to the CNC from the 6" duct on the ceiling above the machine. We’ll strictly be doing 2D work, a lot of repeating patterns as we are an OEM. 95% will be 1/2" and 3/4" Baltic birch and the rest will be soft aluminum 3/8" x 1.5" solid bar stock with a 1/4" x 1/2" cut.

Not sure where your shop is but mine is in the basement and I originally installed my 30x30 MK1 on a table attached to the wall in the back. It made the machine much louder throughout the house when it was attached to the wall. It also prevented doing “pass through” work, work larger than the Y dimension of the machine and made reaching the back harder for maintenance etc.

Just some food for thought and maybe those concerns aren’t a problem for you but I felt like they were worth mentioning. Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your purchase!

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Thanks _Michael!

The machine will be in our shop which is not attached to our home. We run a 2.5HP table saw, 2HP dust collector and big routers, our neighbours can barely hear a sound so I think we’re good there.

Yes that is one of my concerns (in regard to the pass-through). Our shop is 25’ x 26’ but space is still a concern. I’‘ve shuffled our 7’ x 7’ assembly table over to allow more room between the wall and assembly bench. I still have a large storage cabinet that needs to be moved as well.

Perhaps what I’ll do is once the dedicated space is cleared out later today I’ll post up some photos of the area so people have a visual referenced.