MK2 48x30 final buying decision help

Was seriously considering getting the MK2 48x30 over another 33x33 well known brand. I don’t like wheels or belts on CNCs. In this price range I can’t avoid both. Let’s say company reputation, rigidity, ease of assembly, support are all equal. In a purely unbias opinion. Am I better with the MK2 48x30 (I like the bigger size) with wheels and lead screw or 33x33 (prefer a bigger size) with linear rails and belts. In other words, in the long run for hobby work that might turn into light production. Which will be a better machine with durability, accuracy, less constant adjustments, less wear and tear and less headaches? Wheels and lead screws vs linear rails and belts? I dont intend on doing much/any metal. Thanks.

Im no expert but i have a laser engraver that uses belts, i cant imagine a cnc with belts. Not too many issues with v wheels on a cnc. For me, if i was looking at new machines, i would consider what the tramming capability is. Longmill doesnt have much in the way of tramming and its becoming a nusiance as of late.

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I have had my 48x30 for almost a year now. Like Chaosweaver, I am no expert. About every third or fourth project I do is over 33 inches…I have only gone over 48 inches twice. I had actually planned on tiling 4 by 8 sheet goods often…not the case. If room is not a problem, go with 48 wide…the amount of times you will NOT have to tile over 33 might be worth it.
As far as tramming, I had to shim the v wheels on the bottom of the X/Z plate…I had to go to Lowes to find some very thin washers, all of my 8 1/2 million assorted washers didn’t work :slight_smile:
I can not speak to belts and rails, but the screws and wheels are working very well for me, they are quite accurate with wood. A little light maintenance and cleaning of wheel dust and you are good to go. You will have to check the backlash screws on Z and X axis until you figure out the perfect ‘torque’ … at least I did, probably operator ignorance though.