Mobile UI - Landscape Mode (Probably the resolution issue) 1.4.3 & 1.4.4

Hello, I like to use the remote UI from my mobile device and it is great for getting on really quick and jogging around. One thing that is pretty nice is not needing to lug out the laptop to do a surfacing job or even sometimes starting up a job, but mostly, just surfacing jobs. Most settings do display when you rotate the phone into landscape more, but the UI is nearly unusable. Everything overlaps all over the place, but it does show the top menu, so I can setup a surfacing job and enough of the green start button shows up to start the job when you send the gcode over to the main screen.

I have attached a screenshot so you can see, but I am sure you will see it on any phone you try with. I assume this is related to the screen resolution issues others have mentioned and the UI not really being mobile friendly.

Also, when you are in the portrait mode, everything looks great, but if there are alarms, like the homing alarm in this one, they don’t get displayed and it seems like a mystery on why things aren’t working. Rotate the phone and you can see the alarm, but mostly, you need to find a computer to deal with it. Homing is even a bit challenging.

Lastly, I did try lightweight mode, it didn’t make a difference.

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It’s unlikely that any better support will be added for landscape phones for the current version. Mobile/tablet responsiveness will be a priority for an upcoming UI refresh (part of the next Edge cycle).

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I have nothing to add to the topic but wanted to welcome you to the forum @Wardnb . Good folks with sound advice.

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For what it is worth, I have found using chrome remote desktop to be much more reliable than the remote UI. The remote UI is good for certain things, but I’m always nervous to look at a job because “sometimes”, if I connect to the same machine from a different browser, it will stop the job.

With that said, I have since learned that the start from line option is pretty nice as long as your zero location is good and it generally does really well remember where it stopped.