Models appear in the -z axis

Im new to gender and fusion 360. My model that I plan out in Fusion 360 imports into gsender into the -z axis (below the surface). Im not sure how to correct this. Any ideas?

Whether the tool path in gSender is above or below the surface depends on where you set Z zero to. If you set it up in F360 to use the surface of the stock as Z zero then all the cuts happen below Z zero and appear below the surface in gSender. If you set it up so that the surface of the spoil board is Z zero then all your cuts are above Z zero and appear above the surface in gSender.

Thanks so much. I think the next question I have, given my newness to the programs, is how to set the z zero correctly. I would be grateful for any advice on how to do that? Im thinking that it is when I set my machine up in Fusion 360. I found tutorials online but they all were using the previous versions of the program.

I’ve used F360 in the past but I never did toolpaths with it. That said it should have options somewhere to set the start position. Should be able to set Z zero to either the top or bottom of the model and XY to the center or a corner. Then it’s just a matter of setting the zero’s in gSender to the same place you picked in F360.

Maybe this will help it’s hard to tell without having the program anymore.

I think Im being a bit overcautious here. My first project using the MKII was a simple 2D pocket and 2D contour with tabs to test it all out. The spindle found the centre of the project and then plunged directly through the project stock board and into the spoil board below. fingers crossed I have it set up correctly this time.

There’s no need for that. Every program has a preview function so you can see what will happen before you get anything in a machine.