Modified Z-gantry plate for holding 43mm routers

When ordering the LongMill, I decided for a different router (äs-Schleifmotor-1000-1000W/dp/B074P4JTCK/), not knowing that this required modifications on how to mount it to the Z-Gantry. It’s 43mm mount is not a real issue (holders are relatively easy to find:, however because of the different shape, it is mounted much closer and higher on the gantry. Therefore using the original steel plate, the bit could not reach the spoil board in some cases.

As I stumbled across a message in the LongMill Facebook group (Log into Facebook | Facebook) that seems to mention the exact same issue, I decided to post my custom holder here because it might help someone. The original mounting holes are identical so that one just needs replace the steel plate (screwed to the anti-backlash nut and the linear glides) with this new design (I used 12mm Aluminium which seems so work fine).

I don’t like to use Facebook, but maybe Felix who asked the question in the Facebook group is also active here in the forum :blush:

NewHolder.dxf (37.5 KB)


Hi Stefan!
Thanks a lot for your recommendations!
That is exactly what I was looking for!
I chose this Spindle here: Sorotec Online-Shop - Teknomotor HF-Motor 0.40 kW
mainly due to the loudness of the Makita router. I will try to send an update as soon as its done!

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Hi @Stefan,

thanks again for the file and help. I modified the z-gantry plate a bit and used another plate to attach the spindle.

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That looks awesome! Do you use the second plate for tramming the spindle or why did you decide against mounting it directly?

Exactly so tramming was one topic (I still need to finalize :smiley:) and also, I wanted to place the router lower then I could with the new gantry plate. This was initially not intended, but I did not want to make a thicker wasteboard for the new setup.