Monitor mounting pole

I am wanting to add a monitor mounting pole to my table, what is the max height of the Longmill?

Have you seen the LongMill MK2 on Onshape?

I used the measuring tool there and came up with 420mm or 16.5354330709" but you probably should wait till someone with a physical MK2 chimes in.

Also do you plan on using a dust shoe? I ask because if you do the vacuum hose might be the tallest part of the machine.

Sorry I can’t be more help but my machine is a MK1. I mainly posted this because, a, the Onshape document is cool and it’s nice that Sienci shares it with us and b, to make sure you take the vacuum hose when the machine is all the way up into account.

Thanks Mike, I just looked at the OnShape model and you are right. It appears to be roughly 16.65 tall. I am looking at possibly getting this

Well I guess it depends on how big the monitor is. The pole goes to 32" so I guess it would be 32" minus half the monitor height for the lowest part of the monitor.

I use an Acer Switch 12, tablet/laptop in my setup set to the side of my enclosure but I gotta say I do like the look of some machines that I have seen with a monitor at the back of the machine.

One other thing to bear in mind is a pole might interfere with any pass through work if that’s something you think you might need/want to do.

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It’s a 27 inch monitor, my table is 60” wide so I should have plenty of room. I also plan on building a box for the Longboard along with my small form factor PC, I will also be adding fans to the box and air inlet to keep things cool.

Attached is my table so far, I ran the 2x4’s through the planer so they are all flat on top.

Nice work so far! That looks pretty sturdy. Looking forward to seeing your setup when you are done.

It is rock solid, I am going to mount the top in a few. I will place screws around the perimeter, should I put screws were the cross members are?

I would and did put screws where the cross members are.

Did any of your perimeter screws interfere with mounting of the mill?

No, but my machine is only 30x30 and I built an enclosure so my machine is not right at the edge of the table. I would put the screws in a regular pattern after taking a look at where the mounts are going to end up and avoid those areas. If you mark or can see where a line of screws is it will help to avoid hitting them with the spoil board screws as well.

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I also have a 30x30, do you have any pics of your enclosure?

Here are a couple of pics. I made my enclosure really tall so I don’t bump my head.

If you look at the back where the cross members are that’s a section that hinges to allow pass through work.

EDIT: My table is 2x4 construction with 3/4 plywood on top and then 3/4 MDF for flatness and then the spoil board. The enclosure is made from 2x4’s 2x2’s and hardboard for the walls and ceiling.

That is very nice Mike, is there a benefit in having the spoil boards the way you do? I am getting ready to put my mill together as I type this :sunglasses:

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This is the reason I have the spoil boards the way I do.

I can remove the front one and I have a homemade moxon vice underneath for doing vertical work.

Here I am making some box joints, at least that’s what I think they are called. I can also do dovetails.

I made the hole/slot in the table with the LongMill so it’s square to the machine.

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Yes, I remember ready your post, I just did not put 2 and 2 together.

Looks awesome

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MK2 is just under 17" from bottom of mounting plates to top of ‘Z’ motor.