Moving my Longmill

Well the time is approaching when the movers arrive to pack up our stuff, the shop is a nightmare, two band saws, jointer, drum sander, 3 flip carts with planer, scroll saw, spindle sander, disc sander/grinder, I love my shop, just can’t breathe at 7500 ft.

I have tilted the machine table vertical, dropped the “Y” Axis to the bottom, bound and strapped everything I can secure.

This was to be our dream shop, wife and I enjoying working together (not always bliss) but the one thing we agree on is the addition of our Long Mill was the best decision we’ve
made in our shop.

We are looking forward to our new shop and the energy I’ll have at a much lower altitude, back to Texas, lived there 25 years, will finish this life off there.

I hate missing this forum, I learn and appreciate every post!

I will be watching on my phone and iPad but not sure how well I will contribute for a couple months, not gone but a small hiatus


Good luck on your move, Bill, and try not to get too stressed. I know moving is hard. May you have a long life in Texas. Enjoy the barbeque down there!

@Bill All the best Bill. I hope that the move goes well and that you settle in Texas soon. You will be welcome back here any time. Take care.

As a fellow Texan I would like to say welcome back

Best of luck with the move. I dread the day I have to move. My wife keeps asking me what are you going to do with all your woodworking stuff? I’ll need a bigger shop…

For Sure, bigger shop is at the top of our list, I have loved the space we have but going to a separate building this time, heated and cooled!

@Bill That’s just cruel, Bill! :cry: