MPG Pendent Controller

Greetings All,

Sorting out a few software details before purchasing the new MK2.

Does gSender work with a MPG pendent controller?
If yes, any recommendations?

On a previous cnc router, using Mach3, the MPG worked great and allowed me to get up close and personal with the tool and the work-piece, while setting tool and tool position.

Thanks to all that reply, greatly appreciated.

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@RustyR I suppose your post slipped through the cracks. To answer your question yes gSender is compatible with using joysticks and detached keyboards for manual machine control. MPGs in particular aren’t supported since GRBL isn’t really set up for that and neither are most hobby GRBL machines.

I’d recommend checking out one of the pinned gSender topics that discusses a neat mini-keyboard and shows how to get it set up on your machine - there are quite a few joysticks that have also worked out for users and we’re continuing to add more support as time passes.

Also this thread here: