My CNC has stopped moving

I have a New-Carve NC-1045 CNC with a Demon Controller. I am a very new beginner using the CNC. Iā€™m using the G-Sender program and my problem is when I test the X, Y and Z axis by pressing the up and down buttons all of my axis just clicks now and does not move. I tested my stepper motors and my limit switches, and they are all fine. The machine has been working but recently all of the axis has stopped. Does anyone have any idea what I need to do to fix this? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @sjones1945 and welcome to the forum! Lots of good folks here. I was not familiar with your brand of CNC. I had to search and read a review of it to get somewhat familiar with its makeup. I understand you are using GSender for your control software. For me, GSender has been rock solid software, although I have not upgraded recently, as I had some things to make and didnā€™t want to have difficulty with learning the new upgrade. I have a Sienci CNC, so my response maybe unit specific. I will apologize in advance if that is the case.

  1. Were you able to jog your machine at anytime since assembly? If no, I would recheck your connections, especially to your controller. In my case, I had a bad USB cable that caused me issues in the beginning of my journey. My controller is an old MacBook Pro from 2011.
  2. I was taught not to use my limiting switches being a totally new person. They are still wrapped in the plastic and honestly, I have never missed them. So another suggestion, can you disconnect the limit switches and attempt to run the machine?
  3. You said you tested your stepper motors and they worked. Can you move your gantries by hand, meaning without the use of your stepper motors? You could be binding somewhere.
  4. Does the company who sold you the machine have a user forum like Sienci does for the LongMill? I am assuming the answer is no, but thought I would mention it to you.
  5. Does GSender alarm when you try to move your machine? If it does, what is the error code?
  6. I did find an email in the review for your machine while reading the review. If all else fails you could email them and see how they would recommend troubleshooting. Their email is

I m a new guy as well. I had problems recently and the group stepped up and assisted me. Where I am going is there maybe someone with more experience than I do who could help you further. Again welcome!

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Thank you for your suggestions, I will be reviewing all of them.

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