My CNC is possessed

Today I try to make some job and I don’t know what’s happened but my cnc didn’t do what it supposed to be.

I try to make some simple jig.

This is an old file that I already use without any issue, now I just change some holes size, recalculate toolpath and make new gcode.

Try with gSender. It drilled first hole bottom left, the Z didn’t retract and Y go all the way up ( like 0.70’’ depth cut…

I stop it. recheck my spec in vectric aspire. Everything looks good.

Take two, now with UGS. no issue until the last pocket pass. Z axis go down and cut like 1/4’’ over (cut my wastetable).

Last one, I try a 60 degree V-Carve signature, I use a gcode file who I already use many many times perfectly. 0.05’’ depth. with gSender = It start good for 3-4 seconds and after it start to go down randomly like 0.50’’ depth and burn my V-Bits…

The simulation in my laptop supposed to be ok. the CNC didn’t move like what I see in my laptop
Try with UGS = same issue. I didn’t modify this gcode file it’s the same file that I make some signature.

Seriously I need help before firing it…

@GuillC What version of Aspire are you using?


But one of the gcode file I tried was 6-7month old. Never having issue with this (logo signature) since today

I have access to the same version. If you want to post the file, I can run it to see what happens.

Do you want the gcode, svg or the crv file?

I appreciated your help. I send an email to tech service. Hope they can help me.

I figure that I can try the crv file. That way, it is exactly what you are running, with no changes from me.

I can send crv file here.

So I work on it now and I see something wrong.

Always at the same time on UGS and gSender. I lost my Z or my cnc didn’t retract. I double check all connectors. Everyone is tight

When I pause it it supposed to by Z: -0.275mm but in reality it’s at 3.5mm depth.


I change the arduino board (I have one spare that I use to simulate job when I’m at home.)

No issue. All is good.

So. Is it normal that is my third dead Arduino board since August 2020. ???

I updated both. The defect one still have same issue.

@GuillC Strange, Guillaume. No, it is not “normal” to be going through arduino boards. Are you using an external power supply to the arduino or just the USB cable from the PC?

Just my usb cable.

Is my past static issue could fail my arduino board?

@GuillC I suppose that the static could be the problem. I’m really not competent to say for sure. Static can play havoc with electronics, though, so you could well be right.

Did anyone ask if you reset zero each re-run?

Also, if you have the dxf or gcode, I can try it for you too. Always trying to improve my runs.