My cnc not cutting straight

Hi so when i go and cut out a 3x3 inch square as its going deeper my machine is stepping ovver to one side and stepping in on the pther side

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Welcome to the site! It’s hard to say what’s going on for sure from your description. Do you have a picture of the opposite side? What kind of cut were you doing and with what bit? It looks like a profile cut but assumptions can be wrong.

It sort of looks like a severe tramming issue, but I would think you would notice it by eye. It could also be a product of something loose causing play, allowing the router to move increasingly farther out of true.

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Bit a 1/8 upcut bit and a profile bit

Is this creating a step on all 4 sides or just the 2 opposing sides?

@Cncbeginner How deep are you cutting on each pass? What are your feeds and speeds?

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No just on the laft and right on the x i think

Cant rember vut i was folliwibg the chart sienci labs put out for a 1/4 bit on soft wood

@Cncbeginner In your previous post, you described the bit as a 1/8" upcut,

How are you holding the work piece down? It looks like it may be moving in X, which would account for the sides to be slanted in opposite directions and the horizontal cuts to be OK.

That’s an astute observation @gwilki. I haven’t thought of that, mostly because the cuts seem very consistent across the axis… i would have expected some taper as one side moved more than the other but that is probably really dependent on the specifics of the hold down method.

It could certainly do no harm to confirm that the machine is tight to the table too. If this is the first run it wasn’t snug, it certainly could have crept a bit.

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I was holding down on all four sides

@Cncbeginner Good. Then I go back to my previous questions. What bit are you using, a 1/8" as your original post said, or a 1/4" as you said in later post. What is your depth of cut, and what are your feeds and speeds? This could be bit deflection, IMHO. Maybe you are pushing things too hard.

Maybe check that your anti backlash blocks are snug. You should check those pretty regularly as they’re meant to be tightened up over time and eventually replaced.

Same with the v-wheel eccentric nuts.

Good items to check regularly for consistent cuts.

No im using the feeds amd speeds of the bit pdf from sienci labs i havent vhanged no settings