My Laminated Plywood Bench

Hello! As many of you know, I am anxiously awaiting my MK2. In preparation for its arrival, I have bought a laptop and my VCARVE Pro software and have been doing the tutorials. Being antsy to build something, I read all 217 posts in the table design thread. Some great ideas there for sure. I have my own personal twist to it. My motivation is from this Fine Woodworking article.
I have built two previously similar to the plans shown in the pdf file. They are sturdy, straight and have held up very well. My first one was built 7 years ago, and to this day it is my go to workbench. The second one I built this past fall as an out-feed table for my cabinet saw.

Now it does take patience and plenty of wood glue, but the results should speak for themselves. Now if I can only figure out how to add pictures here, I can share my build to this point.


Purchased 2 sheets of 3/4 inch AC plywood. Had to cut it down to a more manageable size before cutting my strips into 3 9/16” strips to be laminated.
Glued and clamped my strips.

Ran out of clamps on a number of occasions

Ultimately creating legs and stringers with mortise and tendon joints

Thus making my legs. Guess I should have mentioned my table is going to be 4’x5’x40” high.

Ultimately making this for my frame. I used pocket holes that will be used to hold the plywood top on

Used some Amazon casters that lock down onto the legs for stability.

Currently am gluing up additional pieces to tighten up the frame a bit more and go across the bottom. Not knowing what my workflow will end up being, I am going to put a bottom shelf in and leave it for now. It is modular enough that I will be able to add a computer area, bit storage, power supply mounting and anything else I can think of.
I am very blessed to have a dedicated woodworking shop to house this bench in.

I will add additional pictures once I add my extra cross members in and have the plywood top on. Going to add some MDF on top of the plywood along with some tracks to hold down my work. Thinking I will use some wipe on poly on the legs and stringers. Not that it is really needed, but will look nice. The bench is strong, square and level on the ground.

Can you tell just how excited I am? :blush:

Be safe!

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I’m getting excited for you. The table is looking good and I like the idea of using that type of casters. Have you used them before? I’m thinking about replacing the casters on my table.

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@Swinly Hi Lonnie, yes I have on my out-feed table. They do work well, rated for 200# each caster. Provided junk hardware, bought my own screws though. Just adding cross members to the top today. Probably overkill, but I had some plywood left over from doing the walls in my shop, and used it up.

Now my frame is done. Not sure if I needed to add bracing, but had the time and materials to do it.

Be safe!

It looks great, congrats mate, in the end have you added bracing?

Agro Plast

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@MarkkTrrr First of all, welcome to the forum! Lots of good folks here that are very willing to help. The bench is sturdy as heck, I haven’t updated pics for a while. The plywood top was pocket holed from below, which definitely stiffened the structure. Then I cut down my MDF into strips and mounted them between my t tracks. I am basically ready for my MK2 which I believe shipped today!


Looks great. I hope yours was shipped out today. Mine was supposedly yesterday but I guess there was a glitch in the system so I haven’t received my email confirmation with tracking number yet. Fingers crossed for both of us!

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@EdwardS Thanks Edward! Says mine was shipped today, but haven’t gotten the magical email to pay my duty fee. I already instructed my bride to pay if they don’t send an email before it gets delivered. Been messing with VCarve Pro for the last few weeks. Should be pretty straight forward. Have not downloaded gsender yet, maybe later tonight.

Let me know if you get your email.


I’ve been in contact with Chris here on the forums. He had to send me my info. Maybe send him a msg and let him know you also haven’t seen an email come through, but first check your spam folder, just in case. Mine is set to deliver tomorrow!!! Paid the duty tax and planning on taking a half day from work to ensure it gets received properly!

I’ve mocked up 3-4 projects in Vcarve myself. Once you know the basics, its not terribly difficult. I downloaded gsender, but the interface is something a bit different to me. I’ll mess around with it when it comes time to square off the machine!

I’ve stocked up on coffee for this weekend. Plan on locking myself in the garage and not come out till everything is completely built and I’ve had a successful first run! Lol I need to start a new thread of MKII deliveries with pictures!


Vcarve is the hard part, gsender is the easy part. Aspire will make your brain hurt a little. The interface for gsender is connect, run file, suck up chips.
If I’m wrong, please correct me but I think the people that created the LongMill and gsender have them working really well together. I don’t work there so nothing to gain, it just works.
1.0.6 test tomorrow…


@RickW Thanks Rick! I am so looking forward to taking projects from VCarve Pro to completion. It is nice to hear that the area I haven’t seen will be the easiest.
Be safe!