My Most Difficult Project

My difficult project is a bit different than everyone else’s. I had a good friend die right before retirement. Literally, he was months away. I sat down and designed and produced this plaque for his family. For obvious reasons, I deleted his name and birthdate. Thanks for your consideration. Project done on oak with satin poly. The back has a keyhole, and a personal message to his family from our family.


It’s unfortunate that you had to make it, that said it looks really nice.

Thanks Michael! Makes me remember that we are limited here and have to make the most of the time we have.

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Michael, as the others have commented, my condolences for your loss.

Nicely done. But a question: what’s this about the “key” in the back?

It was Jake who lost someone not me, but I’m sure Jake appreciates the thought. As to the “keyhole” I believe it’s a way to hang the plaque.

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Thanks for answering the question @_Michael. Yes that is correct, a way to hang it on the wall. Haven’t shopped for one, but got the keyhole bit from an auction I went to before CNC was even a dream of mine. There is a “gadget” tab in VCarve Pro that sets it up quite easily.

Thank you! The recipient was the family of a good friend. They loved it as it wasn’t just someone that wilted and died. Thank you for the condolences however, it was much appreciated.