My turn for issues i guess

Ok all was going well, was finishing up a carve on a finishing pass, nothing unusual, but then it sounded like someone was knocking on my shop door. My dogs started barking, scared the crap out of me because due to timing it was rather late at night.

I looked up and around realizing it want some strange guest, but my router.

I was using my 1/32 tbn carving bit, makita speed 3, feedrate 2500…the depth to remove was a little deeper than expected but i had to do some compensating. .08 mm.

Ion the picture, i drew a line where the carve started, as you can see it was smooth, then several line later it starts with grooves, and then on the line where.i stopped the router it was so jagged the router was bouncing.

When the router was moving in the positive X axis the bounce and jagged lines did not happen, however as the router moved aling the negative X axis, this is when the router was grooving and jumping.

It definetly is not part of the design.
I checked for random wood chips, though i can see under the wheels, everything is tight…

Where.else should i be checking? I cannot see anything obvious…

Thanks in advance

@chapklc I’ve moved this to machine support, Kari.

The “finishing technique” category is there for members to discuss primarily wood finishing - stains, paints, lacquers, etc. I believe this issue is better situated in machine support.

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Sorry im on my phone and i dont have my glasses on, so i cant really see ! Lol. Lord help me!!!

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No expert but first thing I would check is to inspect the ballnose. It appears that the bit is chattering so is the ball still attached and does the bit turn in a circle and not oval. Also is the bit sharp. Check router collet and bushings, if all ok then I would be looking at how smooth the x axis moves, anti backlash and wheels, then same on y.