My Z suddenly flpped after zeroing XYZ

I’m getting set up for a few projects. I first clean everything, spoil board, rails, lead screws, v wheels, everything. I then jog the router to the back to ensure squareness. Then jog all over XY and Z for about 5 minutes listening for anything unusual or new. (I still can’t locate the bump or thump) I then set my workpiece down and clamp it. I probe using the original block for XYZ. I then click go to XY zero and then Z zero. I then noticed my Z can go down another .003 or so. I click precise and then Z down but it is now flipped and is moving up when I click down. Normal jogging is working correctly.

Every time I switch back and forth from normal and precise it changes to Z -0.006, XY 0.001 and Speed 29.27

The setting are still set to Z 0.004 and XY 0.002 Speed 39.27

gSender 1.2.2

Edit: I tried to restore it and that seemed to work by getting it back to the default setting but I’m not sure why it all changed to begin with.