Need a deeper cut depth

I have a 1/16" x 1/4" shank end mill I’ve been using. It’s a little short and I’d like one that can cut .5" through or greater. Does anyone have and suggestions or bits they’ve used and like?

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@Davek I found the same one on Interestingly, Amana Tool does not list it on their site.

Am I ready for a bit like that? Lol I’d be scared to break it. I’ve stuck to cheaper bits so far. Picked up a couple Freud 60° and 90° which seem ok

@Davek They are not for me, but YMMV. In my hands, they are a broken bit waiting to happen.

What are you doing that you need a bit that small and that long? You may be able to accommodate the project by clearing out material with a bigger bit first. I do that on some of my projects, since the only 1/16" bits that I have only cut to about 3/8". You may also be able to use a tapered ball nose, depending again on the project.

This is what I will be making more of. The wood I used in the first one was only 1/4" thick so the bit I have worked well. I have a huge pile of prepainted wood that will be awesome for these but it’s .5" thick. I tried using my longer 1/8" bit but that’s to thick of a cut for the size and design. I will just take the wood down in size. It’s an extra step but not a huge deal