Need help with New laptop as my old one will not connect to to my new 48 x 30 Longmill MK2

Hello, I need to know if this laptop will work with the Longmill MK@ 48x30. All day today I have done everything to make my old Sony Vaio E series 8.1 Windows Laptop talk to the Controller for the Longmill MK2, Downloaded Arduino IDE 2.0, No joy on the connection, Down loaded Gsender 1.7 still no connection, downloaded newest Java still not working. moved the usb cable to all four usb ports on laptop nothing. So I took the Sienci Controller into the house and connected to my Windows 10 Pro gaming Desktop Windows found the controller and installed the drivers I then download the newest Gsender to the desktop and tested connection worked great then I flashed firmware as set the firmware to the 48x30 MK2 as it was set to a 30x30 retested connection still great. Retried connecting laptop no connection to controller. Checked sony website noticed recall on battery for laptop, notice end of support for laptop, so thinking of getting a newer laptop as my desktop is 130 ft away from my shop so not going to work as the Gsender machine to control the MK2.
Will this laptop work for the Control for Gsender and the MK2. I do all my design on the Desktop and plan to just usb stick with code to the laptop."-laptop---intel-pentium-silver-n6000---1080p---windows-11-s-mode---microsoft-365-personal-(1-year-subscription).product.100858024.html

Lenovo IdeaPad 1 15.6" Laptop - Intel Pentium Silver N6000 - 1080p - Windows 11 S Mode - Microsoft 365 Personal (1-Year Subscription)

Item 1651493

Model 82LX0050US

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@Jwar I would be very reluctant to buy that, owing to it running windows 11 S mode. S mode restricts Windows 11 to what apps it can run. It may well run gSender just fine. It may not. Since it’s Costco, you can always try it and return it if it will not work. Your call.


Thanks for the heads up. I am Right now reading up on the Windows S mode it seems like a big rip off from MS to only get apps from the MS store cutting thousand if not millions of vendors and users out.
I am also attempting to upgrade the Windows 8.1 laptop to Windows 10 Pro as I have a spare Key from when I used to build custom desktops for gamers. Seems that Sony at one point in time offered a free win 10 upgrade so the hardware will run win 10. Unfortunately that laptop belonged to my Father and He passed it to my Daughter who then passed it to me and it has been sitting in the closet for about 5 years.
I also just read that as of Jan 2023 Windows 10 will no longer get and update from Microsoft and that MS is cutting all support. Do not like the apple mac system and to old to relearn the Linux system. So We all maybe force into the Windows 11 control of what We do with our personal machines. I guess if we protest enough and demand the freedoms to use our PCs the way We want change may happen.
All the new PC aka Laptops I looked at today all come with Windows 11 or Windows 11 S mode. Looked at a few refurbished laptops from BestBuy way to much for a used unit.

Where did you get that information? I can’t find anything in a web search about it. I read that Windows 10 end of life is in 2025. I’m not a big Windows fan but I use it because of VCarve not running natively on Linux. I think Mac is overpriced so I’d have to go the Hackintosh route for Mac OS. Most likely when Windows 10 ends I will go full Linux and have to learn some new programs.

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@Jwar None of my PCs or laptops are as new as your Sony and they have all been successfully running windows 10 for many years. Also, you don’t need to concern yourself about a windows 10 “key”. The download is available legally for free from Microsoft and has been for a long time. I would bet that, if the Sony will run 8.1, it will run 10.

As for the best before date for 10, whenever it finally comes to pass, it will only mean that MS will not longer provide security updates. You will still be able to control your Long Mill with it.

Not at home at the moment. Microsoft has that information on the Microsoft support web page. When I get home I will search my web history to provide the link to the article on the Windows 10 support web page that states end of support for Windows 10.

I updated last night from Windows 10 support web page. Microsoft attempted to charge me for the upgrade from Windows 8.1. I skipped the license key, but will have to add it later. Not home at the moment at the Veteran’s hospital when I get home I will add the key, Then reinstall Gsender and try to connect to the controller for the MK2 since it is on my desk in my home office. If successful I will complete my build and mount the MK2 to the work bench.

@Jwar Strange that MS wanted to charge you. I’ve upgraded several computers from windows 7 to 10 and 10 simply accepted the key from 7. I didn’t even need to enter the key. If your installation of 8 was OEM, that may be the difference. All that matters is that it works.

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@Jwar you said you’re running a Sony? When you get a chance, run the activation Wizard and see if it will flip the license for you. I’m a heavy Lenovo user, it’s almost all that I sell through my IT company, and they have an agreement with Microsoft to leave Windows 10 available for nearly all their products. I’m wondering if Sony doesn’t have the same agreement?

Also, you can run Windows 10 needing an activation key for a very long time. You’ll just see the watermark on the corner. Of course buying a valid license is always the way to go, but Microsoft is less concerned with a missing Activation than they were in previous editions. Again, I would suggest buying the license if the auto activation doesn’t fix it.

A neat trick I’ve found recently is that you can bypass the “hardware limitations” of Windows 11 and just clone your older system from one that does have Windows 11 already. Because Microsoft is now doing what Linux has been doing for decades, and using a common driver for most hardware, the clone just adapts to the new hardware and works like nothing has changed.

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Thanks I will try to run the wizard. So many apps are outdated and being removed by Windows and by Sony on the laptop. I do have a new key for Windows 10 Pro although the update installed Windows home on the laptop. It is still updating so it will be a minute or two before I can test the key and test if Gsender works and even will connect to the controller now with the laptop.

Greetings and thank you all for the helpful input and useful information. I successfully upgraded to Windows 10 on my Windows 8.1 Sony laptop. Due to the age Sony discontinued the free upgrade to Windows 10. It has been several days now and Microsoft has not Prompted me for a License Key for the installation of Windows 10 Home onto the laptop as I went through Windows Update from Microsoft web site. I was able to connect to the MK2 Controller with gsender on the laptop and as I am sharing the CNC with another Disabled Veteran I re-flashed His laptop and updated His Windows to Windows 10 also. I was able to also connect to the MK2 Controller with the additional laptop. I made my first machine moved today before mounting down the MK2 to the table. I did my initial tuning and ran the cnc back and forth on the Y.X, Z axis and then made some adjustments.
A huge thank you to all that had me relook at my older laptop to operate the machine saving me money in that process and if by chance Windows does pop up a license request I have an unused Windows 10 Pro key that I can use. Once again thank you all.