Need some help with machine

Hi guys, so I have figured out my trouble shooting post from 2 weeks ago an I think I’m almost there!!
So now I’m experiencing something different, I created something simple in carbide create just to try, saved then opened Gcode in UGS. I zeroed the X,Y,Z axis to the bottom left corner of my piece and then pressed play, machine moved to starting position to start cutting an just stopped?? Not fault, not in hold… just says idle. I must be missing something just wondering if someone could steer me in the right direction please

Thanks in advance


@MDeVos , did you try hitting play again? Some programs add a gcode to pause for a tool change. Hitting play again will start it going again.
You can also check you gcode at NC Viewer // GCode Viewer and Machine Simulator

@MDeVos What post processor are you using, Mike?