Never ending tramming issues

Ive had my machine pretty trammed for some time, now all of a sudden its out of whack and I cant even count how many hours ive spent trying to tram it properly. I have ridges on both sides, 1.25" surfacing bit 80% step over (happens even with 25%)

Ridges are spaced apart in varying thicknesses depending on step-over. Ive used my pwncnc tramming tool, resurfaced the spoilboard, tried tramming on a 12" tile, nothing works. The image below shows the ridges illustrated as a front to back view. I path up the Y axis from left to right.

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I may have just figured it out, one of the X axis had a loose wheel, after going around and checking all of them, the ridges are almost gone. I normally make it a point to have the eccentric nuts roughly in the same direction on both sides, so I’ll keep an eye on the wheels now.


@Chaosweaver Good to hear that it was such a simple solution. I’ll close this thread, but if the problem comes back, don’t hesitate to open a new topic.