New Guy, gSender 1.0.6, Console Copy

When I go and hover over the copy icon while in the console window, I get a tooltip that says that I’ll get the last 50 lines from the console buffer, but when I click it, I get a pop up dialog that says that the last 675 lines were copied. When I go and do a paste operation in my text editor, sure enough, I get what looks like the last 50 lines. This is fine, but I sure would like to get at more history so as to help me figure out what just happened. Is this history stored somewhere where I can get at it?

We store up to the last 1000 lines as “history”, but it’s only possible to copy the last 50 easily. We’ll look at making this customizable in the future so it’s easier to grab more/“all” up to the limit.


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I did manage to get everything out by scrolling to the top of the console text and dragging until I got to the end and just copied everything and pasted it into a text editor so that’s not a terrible workaround, but get rid of that “675 lines” pop-up, because that’s what confused me in the first place.

@AutoDoc Welcome to the group, Rial.

What are you using the console information for? Since many projects will be more than 1000 lines long, even the fix may not solve your problem. Knowing what you want to do with the information may enable someone here to offer another solution.

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In this particular case, I got a couple error 24s while running a job and wanted to poke through the console for clues. In general though, I want to be able to understand exactly what gSender is up to so I can get a better understanding of what’s going on under the hood. Limiting users to the last 50 lines of code just gives them enough to want more. The default copy length should be everything for the last job, be it 50 lines or 50,000.

@AutoDoc Understood, tks.

“Probably EMI related” is what jumped on a g search most often

@RickW I think that you have posted this to the wrong thread. I can move it if you can tell me where it should be.

I was replying to the error 24’s after a quick search.