New Kickstarter Update, we've begun shipping!

Some great news :slightly_smiling_face:

Once the boards came in we began testing and discovered that once we started to really push the machine it would cause issues. This led to extensive testing and a discovery that there was interference being generated which was causing the built-in buttons on the board to activate on their own. We’ve now been able to sort these problems out, and are feeling confident that the machines are now ready to go!

See Andy’s Kickstarter update for more:

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If your trying to figure out what place you are in line for your order to get processed log into your kick starter account on their page. That should tell you.

Do they have an estimation on how many units per day they will be getting out?

Also was it ever disclosed how they are shipping units within Canada?

No biggie, just curious.

I think by the end of next week, we should aim to ramp up to about 5-10 per day.

Bottlenecks are how fast we can solder and make the electronics boxes right now.

Shipping in Canada will be Canada Post or UPS (as of right now), but might change couriers depending on what new rates we’re looking at for volume.

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Backing up for a sec from the “when can I expect my order”

Congratulations, Sienci! This is a major milestone in any business and product launch. Take a minute to enjoy the milestone, it’s bloody difficult to get to this point. Well done.



So for the purpose of gathering my necessary accoutrements including brushing up on my software knowledge, can anyone be so kind as to indicate the timing of pre-orders? I was not a kickstarter investor ( Wish I had been) but pre-ordered the day after I attended the Woodstock Woodworkers Show.

Larry Linton

Hi Larry,

I’m in a similar boat. I missed the Kickstarter but got my order in in the weeks following the end of the campaign. I recall at the time that the estimated ship date then was September but then there was an update soon after saying October was likely (I think that was for additional new orders from the web). I think they have slipped about 4-6 weeks overall. When I last looked the website was indicating November shipments (for new orders). I hadn’t looked at the Store link on the site in a while but it now says “Orders placed now expect to ship in January 2020.” So, adding in additional orders and additional logistics and inventory ordering, I think that 4-6 week delay from the original date sounds feasible. And is really quite good for such a complex product from a small team.

I recall that there were 3xx units sold on Kickstarter and I think somewhere I read that they ordered parts for 4xx or so, anticipating that additional pre-order buyers like you and I would emerge before shipment. I was told I was near the tail end of the original 4xx unit kit allocation. Given the sustained interest quantities may have changed since then, of course.

I’m sure Chris or Andy will provide better guidance but at this point I would hope to see my August 26th order some time in November. In addition to the Kickstarter users being a priority, there is are geographic/customs considerations too. Shipping Canadian orders is a lot less paperwork (almost none) than sending something over the border or to Europe, so unclear if Canadian buyers might see theirs sooner.


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Congratulations on a major milestone, guys! Can’t wait to get mine set up.

If I may make a suggestion that would make me happy, if nothing else: Can you guys put up a running tally of how many units have been shipped out real time? Updated once a day or something. It would be exciting and engaging to see, and give people a good idea of where we are in the queue.


Nice suggestion David, I think I’ll try a experiment with keeping a tally going in the Updates section.

EDIT: I’ve now put it live here Tally of Shipped Machines


Good idea may help with the hypertension LOL! Keep in mind guys that even I have seen people saying I want this machine at wood shows since and at the woodstock I think I saw about 20 or more that said that they wanted one total maybe pushing 30 to 50 for the 4 of us there. Pretty wild for a show like that. It wasn’t really all that busy but the buzz was pretty good for the longmill. Here is hoping that it is the same for the Hamilton show in 2 weeks. Could be really interesting.

Is there any way to tell where you are in line if you missed the kickstarter but preordered?

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Great question, I’m putting together something for this now. Stay posted

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Excellent! I look forward to this. It will help with my Maker Anxiety. lol

I’ve added the order of website orders into the post now as well, hopefully this helps :slightly_smiling_face: