Tally of Shipped Machines


Now that we’ve delivered most of the local pickups and we’ve received good feedback, we’ll be shipping machines in order of Kickstarter backer number! This post will be updated daily to indicate what current backer number we’re at in terms of shipping machines out so that you can see how far out your order will be :+1:

The current backer number is now at: #247

BIG NOTICE HERE: There are now several people with a backer number lower than #131 that haven’t had their machines shipped yet. This is because they either haven’t answered their surveys yet or there’s a discrepancy in the information they’ve provided us. Please check your Kickstarter messages if this is you so that we can sort out the packing and shipping of your machine.

Here’s the list of website LongMill orders made post-Kickstarter so that you can know where you are in the line as well (being that there are 303 Kickstarter machines to first deliver):

  1. 9245
  2. 9263
  3. 9270
  4. 9283
  5. 9290
  6. 9306
  7. 9330
  8. 9335
  9. 9345
  10. 9350
  11. 9361
  12. 9368
  13. 9387
  14. 9408
  15. 9428
  16. 9439
  17. 9450
  18. 9462
  19. 9490
  20. 9511
  21. 9520
  22. 9526
  23. 9543
  24. 9570
  25. 9583
  26. 9593
  27. 9606
  28. 9613
  29. 9645
  30. 9756
  31. 9780
  32. 9830
  33. 9908
  34. 15557
  35. 10200
  36. 10347
  37. 10411
  38. 10686
  39. 10953
  40. 11187
  41. 11321
  42. 11359
  43. 11375
  44. 11544
  45. 11720
  46. 11808
  47. 11937
  48. 11937
  49. 11964
  50. 12159
  51. 12690
  52. 12911
  53. 12924
  54. 13150
  55. 13465
  56. 13490
  57. 13521
  58. 13584
  59. 13627
  60. 13672
  61. 13746
  62. 14302
  63. 14454
  64. 14559
  65. 14617
  66. 14769
  67. 14785
  68. 14870
  69. 14924
  70. 14988
  71. 15080
  72. 15230
  73. 15343
  74. 15452
  75. 15502
  76. 15609
  77. 15651
  78. 16069
  79. 16108
  80. 16122
  81. 16147
  82. 16199
  83. 16244
  84. 16259
  85. 16363
  86. 16447
  87. 16459
  88. 16489
  89. 16541
  90. 16645
  91. 16662
  92. 16726
  93. 16784
  94. 16817
  95. 16860
  96. 17008
  97. 17019
  98. 17045
  99. 17142
New Kickstarter Update, we've begun shipping!
New Kickstarter Update, we've begun shipping!

I was pleasantly surprised to see the feedback here and on the Facebook page showing the new machines completed and providing helpful background and photos. Awesome stuff! I’m super pumped about getting my unit, but was a bit bummed to hear a Kickstarter backer at #250ish was likely looking at late November for a ship date. Hopefully that can accelerate a bit as initial user feedback comes in and validates that all is well.

I really hope we can nudge everyone over here so we can cut down the list of places to check for info and so it’s all in one searchable archive! I wonder how long before someone tackles a video of putting it all together?


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We appreciate you sharing this @chrismakesstuff . Your transparency and administrative organization are actually two reasons I was comfortable pre-ordering with you.

Would you be able to give us a rough order of magnitude indication of where people in the top and bottom half of the post-kickstarter list might be in terms of timeline to expect their kits?


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We’ve got the remaining 14 machines from the initial batch of 25 about ready to go as of today. These should be getting picked up this week. We’re pretty happy with the feedback so far, no missing parts and nothing breaking; but we’re also waiting to hear back from Keith (beta tester) since his machine is the first we shipped and he’s across the border.

The current plan is to get all the Kickstarter orders and most of the website orders done and shipped by mid-December, however we’re still gauging the feasibility of shipping 60 units a week. There’s a process to training our team so that they can reliably assemble the gantries, control boxes, and package all the units together with no missing parts. As they get comfortable with the process (which they have with the first set of 25) then we can ramp up and see where that gets us.

Recently (the last 20-ish website orders worth), we changed the estimated delivery on our website to January 2020; so anyone that orders or has ordered since then should expect delivery then.


Well, at least I’m closer to the top of the website order list than the bottom. I’m actually in a pretty good spot in the teens.

And I now know 2 new things:
I have plenty of time to reorganize my shop and build a CNC table!
I will not be carving any christmas gifts this year!

Hopefully things go well and you guys can beat your expectations! Sounds like you’re on the right track!

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Forgive my being clueless, but how do I find my order number. The only communication that I can find shows my backer number.


If you have a backer number, that’s your place in line. The orders he listed above are for those of us that weren’t kickstarter backers but preordered from their website.

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This is a great way to figure it out - my only question is “where do I find my order number?”

I can find my backer number (143) from Kickstarter, but can’t seem to find my Order Number to compare to the chart.



Hey Dave, @Sanityfree 's reply just about your post should answer your question. The order numbers are there for people who placed orders through our website after the Kickstarter, so #1 on the list will come after all the Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled. Before that point, orders will be fulfilled in order of backer number, so you’re 143rd in line :+1:


I have a question for you. When will my reward be shipped yet? My backer # is 178. Thanks.


I just noticed the pickup builds went from 25 to 33. Are all of there kickstar backers? If so can tou provide the backer number shipped? Gettig anxious as this peoject gas been delayed over three months.


@Seddlemon the initial batch is meant for Kickstarter backers that are in our area who can pick up their machines and give feedback before we ship everywhere else. Some people who didn’t fill out their backer surveys yet finally got around to it, so they met the requirements. It only took another day to put the added machines together and it should provide us with valuable additional feedback.

In other good news, Keith (beta tester) received his machine this Thursday. It’s the first machine that we’ve shipped out and seeing that he’s all the way in Baltimore and all the parts arrived in great condition, that is a good confirmation in the quality of our packaging design :+1:


If you want to call me personally, the phone number on our website contact page goes straight to myself and Andy. I’m happy to chat if you need to know anything else.


No! No phone for you! Back to work! Lol

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I really don’t want to sound like a broken record and I fear I am asking a question that has been answered somewhere on the Forum and I apologize for that. The list of Order Numbers is most helpful and I understand that the backers will be shipped out first, as should be. However, I have not found any reference as to how many backers there are from the Kickstarter. I know that I am somewhat down on the list of Website orders (somewhere around 59th) but would like to know how many Longmills are required to be shippped out before the Web Site orders begin to get shipped. Will I be making Christmas gifts on my Longmill this year or not until next?


There are over 300 that I saw. May be off by 10 not sure.


Sorry @Airhawg I just realized I overlooked this. I’ll go get that tally as well to make it clearer. If you’re at 59th on the website then your right near the end of orders that we’re planning to fulfill by the end of the year, so I don’t know if it would be feasible to make Christmas presents in time with it

EDIT: It’s updated now to reflect


@Airhawg Kickstarter says there were 324 backers.


@chrismakesstuff the OP in this thread says it will be updated daily to indicate how far through the list of kickstarter backers you’ve made it. I appreciate that this is hard work and I know that I tend to let things slip through the cracks sometimes (ok, a lot!) too… But I don’t see a single update with a last-shipped-backer-number anywhere. Can we get at least an occasional update?

For what it’s worth, I’m backer 74.


@atcodes there were Kickstarter backers that didn’t get a LongMill, the total number of machine orders from the Kickstarter was 303. Also, the original post IS being updated daily, I’m making sure of it. If you look at it you’ll see that the remaining batch of local deliveries are still being completed and these are done out of order so there’s no reason to mention the backer numbers of the individuals which have picked them up. We finished packing the initial 33 on Friday last week and have now packed more than 20 in the last two days, aiming to get 40-50 done and shipped by the end of the week (you can reference this in an earlier comment I made). Once machines go out our door, rest assured that will be reflected in the tally. If you’re backer 74 then you should expect to get an email from us by next week regarding your order.

I want to be clear, I understand that we fell behind on our schedule but I won’t have a peaceful Christmas unless all LongMill backers get machines in their hands by the end of the year, this is what’s going to happen. If you have any more questions I’m happy to answer them

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Right on Chris! We have all been patiently waiting this long so no need to start getting antsy now. They are coming. Make sure you have everything ready to go when your unit ships so you can hit the road running. Have fun y’all.

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