New Machine - should I lubricate the lead screws?

Howdy folks,
Just finished assembling my new hobby… I’m curious if there’s any recommendation on whether or not I should lubricate the lead screw with a thin layer of grease or something? Trying to make sure I take the best care of this thing!

Thanks in advance-

I do not, prefering to blow off any accumulated dust. The delrin nut should provide any lubrication needed.


I am anal about lube on the lead screws. Its probably not needed, but I use the WD40 Dry lube on the lead screws. It may not help, but I dont see that it hurts.

The last thing you want to do is put something sticky on the lead screws. It will collect everything and keep it right there, making it more likely the bits and pieces will make it into the inner works.

A light oil that is applied a drop on each side, running the axis back and forth, then wiping the axis down afterwards to remove any excess oil that may provide a surface to collect the bits.

Dry lube, usually graphite-based, will start putting the dry lubricant inside the delrin, which isn’t too good.

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@thawkins87 Whatever you decide to do about your lead screws, read the advice for lubricating the Z axis linear bearings on the Sienci blog.

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I had not considered this. Thank you