New Magnetic Dust Shoe!

Hey y’all! :smile:

I’m very very stoked to be announcing today that the new dust shoe I’ve been working on for the last few months will finally be available for order!

For the next week we’ll be offering this new magnetic shoe at the same cost of our old shoe (’till Aug 17 at noon)! In addition, all pending LongMill orders which paid for our existing dust shoe will be auto-upgraded so that all you new community members can get the most out of your LongMills

Some other info on the new benefits this redesign offers:

  • Z-axis independence means you can set and forget your shoe height and know that it’ll maintain a good ‘seal’ with your material
  • Maintain a clear view of the cutting action with the new cutting window that’s placed within the bristles
  • Easily detach the magnetic shoe for quick tool changes or probing stock material
  • Tapered hose port fits multiple standard hose sizes for easy hookup to your own dust collection system (either directly or via commonly available hose adapters)

Learn more as well as how to attach it to previous-version LongMills by checking out the magnetic shoe in our online store or by checking out the video below!


@chrismakesstuff Well done, Chris! It looks great.

@gwilki your own dust shoe testing gave me some great ideas for how I wanted to proceed with this new design. Also, feedback from you, @jwoody18, and @BillKorn helped to guide the new design in a way that it addresses issues that the existing design had. Cheers Grant! :beers:

Is it on the website yet?

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Yeah Bryan, the link to the shoe is in the original post :+1:

I should pay better attention, thanks!

Does the acrylic part accommodate an 80mm spindle?

By default it’s sized to fit the Makita router (65mm diameter) since with the last dust shoe we found that the larger we made the opening the more dust would come out the top and the majority of people use the Makita with their LM.

I did however design the shoe so that opening could be up to 81mm in diameter in case people wanted to use other router types or a spindle on their LM. This may reduce the integrity of the design slightly, but I think it’s still feasible

I watched the video and placed my order love the magnetic idea.

Looking good most likely going to order just need to figure out how i can mount my laser with this dust shoe.

What’s your laser setup look like? This new shoe only comes in from the right-side so the left-side mounting points are free for a laser to be mounted

Do you gain back any X axis travel with this setup? I think the old one ate up around 40mm of movement when installed. This new one is only one side, but it looks like it is probably a little wider than what “half” of the old one was so maybe net about the same?

What is the lead time on these? I see it says backordered, just curious how long to expect before they are shipped.

Should have the rest going out this coming week Bryan

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Don’t know how I missed this, but just ordered. Now to work on a magnetic holder for the laser.

@bhale I just did that today, Brad. I don’t have the Sienci dust shoe, and I need to remove the laser to use my shoe. It is held on by magnets. For the laser, it was easy enough to mount a piece of steel to the router mount, using two screws, then gluing 2 magnets into the laser bracket. Now, if only I could get the laser to work properly.

Any update on the mag dust shoe shipping? Ordered mine on Saturday 8-15. I can only imagine how popular these are especially at the intro price. Cheers

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I’ve used the new magnetic dust shoe a couple times, and have a couple comments:

Fit and finish are what we’ve come to expect from Sienci. Everything fits like it should, the parts work together, the shoe looks like standard equipment, not an add-on, and there are even spare screws included.

The integral hose attachment is a big improvement. It can’t loosen up and flop over and it’s high enough to clear the top of the router. You still need an adapter to use smaller vac hoses.

Mounting was easy. It took longer to take the old one off than to put the new one on. The mounting bracket is very compact so X travel of 30" is better than the original shoe, and it fits around the linear rail perfectly so registration is a snap. It’s pretty easy to locate and drill the two mounting holes.

The window is a great idea, and makes it easy to see what’s going on. It does get covered in dust and needs to be flicked off once in a while, but no big deal. The flap itself is longer than the brush bristles and needs to be trimmed so it doesn’t fold under the bristles or catch when the mill goes off the edge of the work and then comes back. It also gets in the way doing deep Z travel, but is pretty flexible and seems to recover. And a spare was included.

The port in the back that lets you clear the mill when the shoe is attached is also a cool idea and makes mounting the mill in the router a lot easier. The old shoe always seemed to be either too high or too low, and needed to be adjusted. I do think it reduces the suction, at least with my vac, around the router and at the brush edges if the bristles are not touching the stock. You have to raise the router an inch or two for the shoe to clear a mounted cutter.

The clearance between the router and the plate is tighter, so there is much less debris that sneaks out through the gap. It doesn’t require the flexible seal that several people added.

The magnets are strong, maybe too strong. They hold the shoe very well and keep the weight of the vac hose from twisting or dropping the shoe. Mounting the shoe seems to work best by holding it on the stock with bristles touching and sliding it across the surface onto the mounting plate. It snaps in and you’re done. The magnets also make it a little difficult to adjust the shoe height once it’s attached, which you need to do often if you mill jobs with a lot of Z travel. If you don’t keep the bristles right on the work the clearance port in the back reduces the suction enough that some chips get ejected under the bristles, particularly with wide fast tools like a facing mill. If most of the milling jobs you do are basically flat this should be a non-issue. I have been pausing the run, adjusting the shoe, and resuming.

Summary - Very pleased with the design, quality, mounting, and performance of the new mag shoe.


I’m using the new dust boot with the Dewalt 611 (71mm). Do I need to enlarge the clear plastic opening (Makita 65mm)? It fits, but catches during Z axis motion.

Yeah. The opening is for the Makita so for the Dewalt you’ll have to widen it slightly