New Makita router, replaced

Lordy, always when you need to be in production. Something goes wrong.
A few months ago, we replaced the brushes in the Makita router that came with the Longmill.
Four days ago we had to replace it again. And within 20 minutes of continuing the cut, the router was failing again, the brush would need to be replaced.
We are not sure what happened, but when we removed this last brush, additional metal pieces fell out…
Uh oh… we knew something was up.
Looking at prices for repair, we just decided to purchase the replacement.
This brings me to my question.
It’s been a while since we set up the Longmill. Once I put the new router in… Do I need to do anything else? My spoil board remains, the gantry is still square… Am I missing something? I’m just double checking before I continue the run that was going prior to the router falling apart.

I don’t think there is anything special to do to after installing the router. I assume you do check nuts and bolts for tightness every so often as well as well as adjusting anti-backlash nuts and delrin wheels.

Something that may be worth knowing is that we are starting to see Makita pattern routers in the UK. I know that Katsu make a look alike but this one has an ER11 collet. I would be interested to see if there were any more being made elsewhere. This one has the same speed range but it extends from 13,000 ~ 33,000 RPM. Everything else looks the same and it has the same 65mm body.

Different geometry, different price but also different noise level: Mafell FM1000 PV-ER