New tapered ball nose speed and feeds

I have some questions about your tapered ball once cutters. 1. What is the side angle? 2. What is the tip diameter? 3. What would you suggest for the step over ? 4. Suggestions for the feed rate and plunge rate and spindle speed? I’m new to using a cnc so any sugestions would help

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Side angle on mine are from 3.92 to 4.82 degrees. Tip can vary. Again I have tapered 1/4 in shank but tip from .5 mm at 4.82 degree, 1 mm at 3.92 and 2 mm at 3.92. They can go much higher with varying sharp angles. I haven’t done any 3D carving yet so not up on feeds and speeds. Hope this little bit helps. I got mine off of Amazon for around $16 US before Sienci started carrying them. All 3 are tungsten carbide. I bought these for fine 3D carving. You can get them obviously larger for less resolution or roughing.

Thanks for the info that helps a little

I believe that the angle on the Sienci 1/8" tapered ball nose bits is 5.1°. I got that from looking at bits with the same dimensions on Aliexpress. The tip diameter, per Sienci, is .5mm or.0197". I’ve just received mine, but since I will be using them for fine finishing, I’ve set the stepover in VCarvePro to 8% or .0016". That is the same stepover that use for 1/8" ball nose bits and I have had good results with it. YMMV.
I’ll let more experienced users chime in for feeds and speeds.

edit: 5mm corrected to .5mm, as per Heyward

I’m wondering if that should be .5mm? 5mm is .197", .5mm is .0197. Either way it’s small. One thing to keep in mind. In 3D the bit is moving vertically frequently so I have seen plunge rates at least 50% of feed rate or even higher. This keeps the bit from slowing down horizontally while the bit moves vertically. I know it’s hard to see with the router moving fast but is slowing down. Since 3D carving is usually so shallow that shouldn’t present any issues. I would definitely recommend roughing out first though so your finishing pass cuts less material. I agree with @gwilki about the stepover percentage. That is, unfortunately, why 3D takes so long.

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My error, H. Tks for seeing it. It is, indeed, .5mm or .0197" tip diameter, as per the sienci site.

Thank you …I think that will help!