New to carveco, need help please

So I have been doing the tutorials with carveco maker for 2 months. Mostly how to design, with some limited toolpath vids. Now that I have finally done a design, and went to do the toolpath, low and behold, I could not find any bits on the dropdowns or tabs. None. Looked on websites to see where to get help for this, couldn’t find anything. Do they not include options for bits, 1/4, v bits, nothing??
Oh well, Ive contacted carvco to no avail. Maybe time to change to Vcarve. Anyone experience this? Yes I am a newbie, but someone told me once that I was not a complete idiot, just in case you were wondering… Thanks and cheers!

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@KMD I’ve never used Carveco, but have you looked here?

Thanks so much, viewing them now!

BTW, what software do you use?

My tool database disappeared once…had to reinstall Carveco but was fine after that. When you do start adding custom bits to your database, be sure to save a copy of it, just in case…

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Hi Michael. I use Carveco Maker and it is a really excellent CAM package. Ask anything specific that you want but use the PM system so that the forum is not clogged with chit chat. My own YouTube presentations are here and this may help you to understand what you need to know.


@KMD I use Vectric VCarve Pro.

Thank you for the reply. I think I need to make that change, cannot get carveco to type horizontally, just keeps typing vertically. Probably a simple issue, but to a beginner, it stops me from proceeding. Very frustrating, and I might add Im not totally illiterate at the keyboard… Thanks again!

Thank you, Jeff, looked at your designs, and wow!
OK, will look for the PM route, but Im sure there are many beginners out there like me who get stopped for a small issue that stops the whole carving process.
In carveco maker, I now can only type vertically. Can’t find any help on how to change it, and if it’s happening to me, it’s happening to others. Just saying, as you are an outstanding designer, this little chat might help me design the plaque I’m trying to carve for my granddaughter. Thanks for any help going forward, much abliged,

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Hi Michael. No worries. I am in the middle of writing an examination which will take me another two hours… after that I can respond

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OK Michael. if you use the PM… send me the carveco file (attach it to the post by using the up arrow in the row of symbols above your writing to link it to your response) that you want to cut. I will take a look at it and see what it looks like. The vertical text may just be a method issue. I will load your file and see what it looks like when tested in CAMotics.

@KMD In Vectric, the first several fonts in the font list are verticall fonts. They all start with an @ symbol. If Carveco is the same, choose a font without that symbol.

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