New to CNC - Need a helping hand getting started

Hi there,
Just got my Longmill 30x30 - and having a hard time getting started:
Present Status: I am connected to the Longmill using gSender and can jog all 3 axis.
I tried to surface my waste board using the gSender and can’t get it to work.

  1. Can’t get the 1" surface bit to drop to the waste board.
  2. Starting at front/left — the longmill moves the full X axis, then tries to move forward on the Y axis (making a terrible sound)
  3. the Y and Z axis seem to jog the opposite - Z+ moves the router away from the waste board and Z- moves the router closer to the waste board - Y+ moves the axis closer to the front and Y- moves the axis to the back.
  4. I tried the inverse settings in Firmware - but I’m not sure it fixed the issues
    Here are the settings for the Surfacing Tool
    Dimensions 34.02x32.13
    Router Bit Diameter 1 in
    Spindle RPM — have a router
    Stepover - 40%
    Feedrate 1500 in/min
    Layer Depth .04 in
    Max Depth .04 in

Thanks for helping out - I am chumping at the bit to start Carving.
Take Care,
Bob McNanley

Welcome Bob. Interesting, my Y+ moves the unit to the back and the Y- moves it forward. Did you zero the Z axis before trying the surfacing program? As far as the sound goes, is the unit square and are the anti-backlash nut adj properly if not that can cause the gantry to skip a bit when moving and it can be noisy.