New to CNC'n What Software Should I Use

Hello All. I am new to CNC work and am wondering:
What people find are the best software to use to create your cuts?
Are there any that are specific to Longmill? Carbide Create seems to be for Shapeoko.
Should I use UGS or gSender?

I feel like it will have to do with personal preference. Just wanted some experts and amateur opinions and knowledge.

Thank you and can’t wait to get started with this machine.

I difidently prefer gsender over ugs. It seems to be way more user friendly. After saying that I would download and use both. Gsender is still a work in progress so you may encounter a bug here and there.

As far as software I’ve only used carveco maker which is $15/month. I don’t have much experience with others to compare it too but it seems to be very simular to the vectric software lineup.

@BrandonB Welcome to the group Brandon. You’ve started out very well, asking for advice from the users here. You will find it a very helpful group.

I will second @Swinly in preferring gSender over UGS as my gcode sender. gSender is still in beta, but it is quite stable and much more user friendly than UGS, IMNSHO. :grinning:

Your choice of CAM/CAD software may be more difficult. Much depends on your budget and what you plan to do with your Mill. This page will help guide you