Newbie ? Moving project coordinates in gSender

Occasionally I find when I load a project, its located outside my operating area (4040Pro - 400mmx400mm), yet its overall size is well within my limits. I found this a couple of times with downloaded projects. If I generate it from scratch, I start at home and go from there and everything is good. I now know I need to load the project first into CC, move it if needed and regenerate the code. BUT - is there a way to move the project coordinates within gSender? Sort of like adding a global offset to get things in place.

And yes I know - “do it right the first time and there’s no need to adjust”. Just wondering if such a feature exists.

Thx Cheers

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@Turdmagnet Good question, To the best of my knowledge (limited at best) gSender is just that, sends the created gcode to the CNC machine. You can change certain things like feed rate etc but I’ve never gone beyond that. I do know you can set your x,y & z wherever you wish. Where is the start point “Zero” of your downloaded projects?

Thx Bill !!

Yah some of the downloaded stuff I’ve played with must have been generated for larger machines so the start might not be at ZERO. Like I said I’ve learned to adjust and re-generate the code prior, but I’m sure its gonna happen again.
I know I can “adjust” the machine’s ZERO to other locations - done this when my project exceeds my Y axis and I need to index the work piece.
Just wondering if there was a crude work around for the other issue!!!

@Turdmagnet I wonder if the files you are downloading have set the XY origins to a location other than where you are setting them in gSender. I’ve opened files from members here without realizing that they set the XY0 in their CAM to the centre and I had set XY0 in gSender to the front left corner. The project is well within the size limit of the LM, but it will not carve in the correct location. You can address this in gSender by simply setting the XY0 to the same location as it was set to in the CAM software.

Just a thought. :grinning:

Are you getting your projects as a gcode file? That’s what it sounds like from your first post.

I would never attempt that, myself. All my downloaded stuff comes through my design software. That’s where my gcode is produced for my specific machine. (Which is unique.)