Newbie Needing Some gSender Help

Hoping to get some advice from smart people.

I bought a CNC Shark HD 500 about a month ago. I’ve been playing with VCarve everyday and watching countless YouTube videos. Garrett Fromme has been my unknown instructor. He suggested gSender so I downloaded it and went through a very basic step by step tutorial on a test carve. Just a square and a circle. I was able to save the toolpaths in a file and open it up in gSender. The problem I’m having is gSender is not recognizing my machine. It recognizes there is a controller connected but it shows an error opening the port. I tried connecting to a different USB port with the same error. Any suggestions from all you smart folks?

@corycampbell Welcome to the group, Cory.

I’ll get the ball rolling with a question. What specifically does the error say?

I know pretty much nothing about the Shark HD 500, but a quick reading this morning showed that it “is not compatible with all gcode commands”. So, that fact may be the cause of your problem.

If Garrett got a Shark to run using gSender, you may want to contact him and ask for some specifics. With luck, someone here will know more about this.

Garret doesn’t have a shark.