No Z axis homing

I managed to kill the MKS DLC32 V2 board in my machine.
I replaced the board and reassembled everything.
I backed up the config file from the old board and loaded it to the new.

Everything is working (Can Carve, Probe, limit switches are OK etc.) except when I use the home button (either in GSender or the on machine touch screen) the Z axis does not even try to home but the machine goes straight to homing X and Y which it completes properly.
If I use $HZ in the console the Z axis homes correctly.

Way back I had the same issue and I found the solution in google search that involved putting a series of commands into the console it was like $HZ ; G something $HX:$HY G something else.
after which ZXY homed perfectly. I was too stupid to make a note of it then so now I am struggling to re find the solution.

Does this ring any bells?


OK I found it. My Z is homing correctly now. I am putting it here in case anyone else is searching.

Enter the following in the console.

@RJS1 I am not familiar with that control board, but a quick search found lots of information on it, including firmware downloads. If you have looked at them, they may be a good place to start.