Normal Jog Control Presets not used on initial load

I’ve run across another small bug. I’ve overridden my Normal Jog Control commands using the Jogging Presets in the settings. But when I first load gSender the original defaults for “Normal” jogging are used, not the ones in the settings.

In the settings, I have this.

When gSender is first run the Normal Jog Settings are selected, but they are not what is in the settings. The values displayed are what is actively used when jogging. I believe the program defaults are used.

If I just select the Rapid or Precise jog then switch back to the Normal jog, the values in the settings are used. It’s not a big deal, but it’s annoying.

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We should have a fix for this in an upcoming build. Let us know if it’s resolved on your end!


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Thanks, yes it is fixed in 1.0.3