NOT A BUG! Programmers just forgot!

I have been programming the logitech controller to my machine. When you press a button the dialogue box changes color to red or green. Red if the button is used. Green if the button is not used. Works Great and then you can type in a description! However, the function that is called that operates that method of operation does not work so well for button combinations. When pressing a combination of buttons, the second you let go of the button combination (especially when one of the buttons is already used) it turns red OR is just unuseable. In other words, once the button is entered the dialogue box should stay green to allow you to type in a description. As it stands now, I had to have my daughter type in a description while I held the buttons down just so I can use a button combination.
Button combinations have been forgotten about and is unuseable unless you get someone to help you type in a description. Please fix. I think that should have been tested in the real world before applying it to the program. It was not tested apparently. The code was just written and applied. My background is programming and I can see this happening.