OCD gSender user

Am I the only OCD user in history? While (im)patiently waiting for my LongMill 30x30 to ship, I grabbed a spare Arduino UNO and installed the 30x30 firmware on it so I could get familiar with gSender operations. I used to have a MPCNC which I used Marlin firmware and OctoPrint so I wanted to see how things will work going forward. It’s interesting to see how jobs run through gSender and I and practice my workflow.

@hamanjam You are not a club of one, Jim. :grinning: I bought my Long Mill through the Kickstarter project, when gSender was not yet invented. I bought an Uno and ran UGS on it while waiting for my Mill. Now, I and others here use a “test” Uno to run jobs in our offices to see how they will work out. It’s a great way to get familiar with gSender and CNC in general while waiting.

Have fun.

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Yeah, I had an Arduino Mega 2560 kicking around so I flashed it with grbl and I use it mostly to answer questions here. Can fire up gSender on my main PC and play around without messing with my LongMill.

I’ve also dabbled with coding up a very basic sender in C, no ++, and I used it for that as well. It was fun to do and I learned a quite a bit doing it but it’s light years behind gSender in functionality. It was really fun to jog the LongMill around with code I wrote though! :grinning:

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