Older version of Vcarve causing g-code issues?

Hey everyone. Fairly new longmill owner here. Have done a few successful projects using Easel so far.
I have access to an older version of Vcarve. (v10.?) I have made a couple of projects. Nothing too complicated, just a simple relief Vcarve. Problem is, the gcode I export has a lot of errors in Gsender. When I run the job I get a few stoppages. Weird thing is, when I run the job again, sometimes I get no errors at all. It is not at all consistent. I know nothing about gcode files, granted, but wouldn’t the job fail at exactly the same line every time? Could it have something to do with the older version of vcarve?

I am just looking for a place to start looking for the problem. Is it possible it is not the gcode file at all? my longmill seems to run perfectly fine when using Easel though, for example.

Appreciate any advice you guys and gals can offer!


They are fixing to let out a major upgrade in Version 12, but v10 isn’t a bad version.

The important thing is to use the proper post processor for your machine. You didn’t mention how/what you are using to save gcode.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply. I am just using grbl inch post processor. I understand that longmill works best with this?

@LargeFry What version of gSender are you using? 1.4.6 came out today.

1.4.5 I believe. I can try the latest version. Do you think that could be the problem? A bad version of gsender?

@LargeFry I don’t believe that the fixes in 1.4.6 over what you have will address your problem.

For giggles, you may want to try to using grbl mm as your post processor. You don’t need to change the design to metric.

There is no reason to believe that the version of VCarve has anything to do with this.

I will try your suggestion when I get back in the shop. I did take note of one of the error codes I am getting. “error 1 expected command letter grbl”
I get that same error for several lines of gcode. Not quite sure what could be causing it. Must be a setting in Vcarve somewhere, but I have no clue how to fix it.

@LargeFry You may want to post the gcode file that is throwing the errors. There are members here that are quite expert at reading gcode and sussing out errors. (I’m not one of them.)

ok will do. File is attached. Hopefully someone can figure this out.


TigerRough_4-V-Carve 1.gcode (560.8 KB)