Order placed for 30 x 30

I just placed my order for the 30 x 30, I am so excited to get this. Now I need to start thinking on my table build.

Any suggestions on a good starter kit for cutting bits? Sienci is currently on back order.

Do you know what kind of projects you will be making or are you like I was and had no clue but I wanted to make all the cool stuff?

Get it out of the way now and accept that you will likely break a bit or two initially. With that in mind, I would avoid buying any expensive bits. These are the bits I frequently utilized in the beginning.

1 inch or bigger surfacing bit
1/4 up cut endmill
1/4 down cut endmill
1/8 endmill
90-degree Vbit 1/2
60-degree Vbit 1/2
1/8 collet (avoid the reducers)

For 3D projects
1/16 tapered ball nose

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Thatโ€™s a good list IMHO, can do a lot with those, Iโ€™d add a 1/8 and 1/4 inch ball nose because I do a lot with the moulding tool paths and rounded bottom pockets but thatโ€™s just me and after the ones you mentioned.

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IDCWoodcraft.com has a nice starter set of bits. Great company to work with also.

@ozguzzi, I ordered the starter set last night from IDC, it looks like a very nice set.

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