Order Status page is not accurate

I ordered the Mk2 and the laser kit in mid Feb with an estimate completion of late March. I somehow got the laser kit in mid-March with no email about shipping or anything but the page still shows it’s processing.
Although this is great it’s freaking me out a bit as I would like a heads up on when the MK2 will be delivered so that I can plan to be home on the day of delivery.
Has anyone run into this?

@casualit Welcome to the forum! The waiting is always the hardest part. Rest assured, Sienci is doing their very best to ship on time and when promised. From when I ordered my MK2, the order status is reasonably accurate. Typically, they are updated I believe on Thursday. I do recall checking the order status page 4x a day waiting for my unit to ship. You can always email them to check as well.

Once again, welcome!

Thank you Jake for the warm welcome!
I was just a bit curious to know if you actually get an email about shipping confirmation. I didn’t get it for the the laser kit I ordered with the MK2 order I placed and it just showed up on my door steps even though it says it’s still pending.
I was wondering if anyone else in the forum run into this as I don’t want to bother them with shipping questions, I know they’re busy and I can wait :).

Hello! I believe I did get an email from Sienci when my LongMill shipped. Cause I had to pay duty into the United States.

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I’ve noticed the order status page has to be wildly inaccurate or deliberately not updated accurately. I see it appears to be only updated on Wednesdays but is only as up to date as the most recent Monday. By comparing a couple weeks worth of updates, it appears that only 3-5 orders are being completed each week.

It would go a long way to alleviate shipping anxiety if the list were noted with the last update and to be accurate. If your page shows that completed orders would be removed, then you should remove them. Having a generic status page as you do isn’t as clean as it could be. When tying to compare when to expect an order to be processed, nobody can tell if they are behind 3 or 30 in the queue. If you continue to use this status page, maybe include not only the order number but designate if its a 30x30/48x30/48 extension/addon to better judge if you’re moving up the queue or waiting on parts.