Outline pauses, screams and looses position

gSender 1.4.7; SLB; $110 Max X rate and $111 Max Y rate both set to 3000.

Running an OUTLINE will cause the motors to scream and loose position.
See attached video. https://photos.app.goo.gl/DMLtXmVWGSGPTTzX8

My lead screws are clean and rotate smoothly. Using new spring loaded backlash nuts for the past 2 months.

A month ago I got my SLB and updated from from 1.2.x to 1.4.6, then 1.4.7

Running the vectors works fine, just the OUTLINE has issues.

I lowered my max rates thinking that may help, but did not.
I lowered my Rapid rates. No change.

I can manually command the router at Rapid rates without issue.

I made a macro of the outline x,y extents and it ran without issue. (units in mm)

g0 x138 y0
g0 x138 y240
g0 x0 y240
g0 x0 y0

Attached is the gcode with the outline issue. It verifies Ok. I ran it in NC Viewer without issue.
It cuts just fine. It just doesnโ€™t Outline correctly.

Raeden Bear_3-Profile Bears .125EM.gcode (280.4 KB)


I am at an impasse.

I lowered the x,y acceleration down to 500 and the max feed rates to 3000.
It made little difference.

Other design outlines work fine at the higher default settings.

The outline of the attached gcode seems to exasperate the issue.

I double check the tightness of the improved 5mm couplers.
Again the feed screws are clean and lubricated. I can easily rotate them by hand.
I double checked to make sure the X axis is square to the Y rails.
The guide v-wheels just barely rotate by hand.

Iโ€™m not dead in the water, but this is frustrating. I run an outline before EVERY job.

I have been running a macro with X,Y MIN/MAX dimensions shown in the bottom of the gSender window to trace a bounding box with the default ACC and MAX settings with no issue.
It is working now, but is time consuming to change the parameters each run.
Perhaps there are variables I can use???


If you just want a simpler bounding box you can use the {axis}min and {axis}max variables. FWIW, Iโ€™ve run your provided code through outline and ran into no issues with losing position or binding.

Something like this would just travel around whatever you have loaded in a box.

G90 G21
G0 Z5
G0 X0 Y0
G0 X[xmax] Y[ymin]
G0 X[xmax] Y[ymax]
G0 X[xmin] Y[ymax]
G0 X[xmin] Y[ymin]
G0 X0 Y0
G0 Z0

Adjust the Z safe height as you feel fit.