Overall height of the MK2?

Getting ready to build my table and I have limited space. I will probably need to have my table hinged to fold up toward the wall when not in use which means I will have to space it out from the wall accordingly. I know the MK 1 is listed at about 14" but the MK2 has a different configuration for the motor on the Z axis. Scaling off the PDF for the MK2 makes it look like about 16.5" to 17".

I just went out and measured mine - I get 16.75 inches to the top of the motor. One note - your dust collection hose might need a bit more clearance for the bend up there, unless you get creative.

Thanks! I’m sitting at number 2 below the processed orders on the shipping page so it should be shipped Monday. You’re info comes just in time since I’m building the table and mount this weekend.

You are very welcome! If I can answer any more questions, let me know. I know I would be really excited - I was by the Sienci shop last week to pick up some bits, and they were staging a bunch of Longmills for shipping and pickup - and I was excited for everyone that has one coming!

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@RetiredOldFart Welcome to the forum! From one old retired fart to another, you have to be getting excited! Mine is probably a week or so away from being shipped. I am blessed to have the room in my shop and my table ready to go. Can’t wait to see what all the folks with new MK2’s will be making.

Take care and be safe!

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