Owner Location / Region

I have seen a multitude of post that are basically asking the question where everyone is located. I have seen a few individual posts but that is not what folks are seeking.
Folks are looking for others with a longmill to interact with in a face to face, looking over a shoulder advice, sharing type give and take.
Chris / Andy could you provide a list of owners grouped by State / Province? That might be useful for folks trying to get together.

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Forgive me, but that seems a bit presumptuous that people would like their location made public. I’d ask to not have my personal information given out on a public forum if it comes down to that. Not trying to be antisocial. I just think there may be a lot of people not into that. I’ve posted mine on here when I signed on, and if you’re in my area, message me and we’ll chat, and keep it at that.


Yeah, that’s confidential info.

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@GLC Gary: I, too, can see privacy concerns with this idea. However, that said, I have “met up” with a couple of Mill owners, simply using private messaging. If you want to publicly divulge your location so that you and other owners in your vicinity could meet up or share ideas, it’s simple enough to do. You can simply post on the introduction board where you are and that you are looking to hook up with owners nearby. Anyone interested could send you a private message, incorporating their location and any other personal information that they want to pass along to you, but not necessarily to the group as a whole.
I believe that this would accomplish what you are hoping for.
If I’ve misunderstood, feel free to set me straight. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi folks. My post, starting this string was aimed to Chris / Andy as the owners / controlling parties of Sienci. I started to mention in that post that there might be privacy concerns but felt it was not necessary for me to mention as I was confident that they would be familiar with that possible concern. Note: todate they have not responded.

I was looking for an opportunity to interface with like minded hobbyist who might be close enough to interact together say over a cup of coffee. I promise it was not my intent to send the Gestapo to coerce you into taking the Covid Immunization. Just a woodworker trying to develop in a new environment.

Sorry, I had no intention to be presumptuous or intrusive. Just looking for like minded folks trying to develop a new skill set - CNC.

Well I don’t have much in the way of skills in this social networking environment. Perhaps we have moved into an era where “privacy concerns” are the pre eminent concern. I’m a little old fashioned - just trying to be neighborly.

@GLC Please don’t take my post as a criticism of the idea, Gary. I certainly did not mean it that way. However, unfortunately, these days, anything we post online can be seen by anyone. Some of those people will try to use the information in ways never intended by the poster.
I really do believe, though, that your idea has merit and you can accomplish what you are trying to do within the constraints that the board operators must operate.

This is something that I’ve been sitting on for a while, yet to conclude how it should be implemented. Thanks for bringing this up Gary, it’ll prompt me to look back into it again :slight_smile:

Chris, thanks for your response. I have no idea how many customers you have but feel like it is a significant number when considering the criteria - interest in CNC etc. etc. Part of operating a business, as you well know is maintaining a database, list, of customers, shipping address, contact information, sales transactions etc… A field could be added to identify those customers who were willing to share their location, on a limited basis such as state or province. With that in place, you could provide information on that sub set grouped by region. This would not expose customers physical address information while providing your customers an opportunity to see if there were like minded individuals close enough to share their knowledge on an individual or group basis. Perhaps, self starting mini Longmill clubs scattered about North America and or elsewhere. My vision is for the identified individuals within a region to contact each other by private message if they choose to pursue farther. The listing could be farther refined to identify Laser owners. I have seen many posts where individuals were attempting to identify others in their area who could help each other. There is just nothing like having a friendly word of advice from a tutor looking over your shoulder. Regards, Gary