Parametric finger-jointed box with example application

I’m repurposing my wife’s old smartphone as a smart speaker/voice assistant, so I made this project case in the style of a mid-century TV cabinet to house the phone, speakers, amp and power supply. This was cut from 5mm red oak veneer plywood (sold to me as 1/4" incidentally - I need to keep a pair of calipers in the car!).

I’m still working on getting OpenSCAD to generate some nice looking mid-century-style curvy splayed legs, so more on this later.

In the meantime, I thought the community might enjoy playing with the OpenSCAD code for the parametric box on which this is based featuring hidden finger joints and the dog bones where they belong - BURIED! :wink: The website won’t let me upload files yet but I assume if you message me I can reply and attach the code.


@robbs Great to see you back and posting, Robb. This is a great project. :grinning: :grinning:

I’ll send you pm and you can reply with the files. I’ll then post them in the free files are of marketplace, if that’s ok with you.


I’m a new CNC’er and I’m interested in location the hidden pocket files. Where are they located?

@Wiremand Here they are