Robb Smith's Parametric Finger Jointed Box

Robb kindly provided his openSCAD files and his .stl files for his take on a mid-century TV cabinet featuring remarkable hidden joinery. The cabinet houses an older smart phone.

Here is a link to his post with pics of his completed project:

Here are the zipped files of the scad files:

parametric_box - (2.6 KB)

tv_case - (5.0 KB)

Here is the zipped file for the stl files

stl (3.1 MB)

Edit: Rob has updated these files from the previously-posted versions

Updates in these versions:

  • Corrected a bug in the finger joint positioning (opposite sides of a given panel were not quite in alignment)

  • Made the spacing between parts a function of the router bit diameter so it resizes automatically if a different bit is used

  • Rotated the right-hand side of the box in the machining view so the orientation of the grain will be consistent in the final box


Very cool design thanks @Robbs

OMG! Someone else uses OpenSCAD! It’s awesome!