Pc speaker type wire coming from arduino board. Whats it for?

anyone know what this would be used for?

Looking at the pinout for an Arduino Uno it appears to be 5v and ground, not sure what it’s for or how many amps it can take. Maybe it could run a small fan but you would have to know if it can handle the amperage and who knows if the Longboard is already using some of the available amperage.

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@Scottwilson11 That’s a new one on me. Did you buy your Mill new from Sienci?

I notice in another thread that you mentioned that you had a replacement Uno coming from Sienci. I’m pretty sure that it will not have that wire soldered to it.

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No i bought it secondhand. I kinda thought it looked like an add on.
Yeah im waiting for a new arduino board from sienci. Thats all i can figure is it has to be the board at this point. Its an MK1 so ill still have to flash it.

the other two wires are also soldered here

Looking at the pinout the other two are TX and RX which are transmit and receive I think. I don’t know what the previous owner had going on.


@Scottwilson11 That explains it. :grinning:

Just a WAG here, but those gludges could be the cause of your problems.


Are all wires going to that 4pin connector?
The previous owner probably was using a Bluetooth module, like an HC-05, to send commands wirelessly. Unless you have a use for them, I’d just grab a soldering iron and remove them. I would not recommend using Bluetooth like that.

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Yeah all 4 go to that plug. I already have a new board coming. Didnt realize that was really there til i disassembled it.

Keep the Arduino. At minimum, they’re good for trying things on gSender from somewhere other than your machine.


Ok i got my new arduino board and that was the problem. Working again


Don’t know why someone would solder to the arduino for the 5volt rail. There is already a place to plug in for that on top of the Longboard. That is where I grabbed 5 volts to power the relay board for my plasma cutter trigger.

And yea, Arduinos are great project boards. Download the Arduino IDE for free. Tons of videos on youtube for programing them for all kinds of different projects.

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@Scottwilson11 As Scott has found the solution to his issue, I am closing this thread.