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I just ordered a Longmill machine. I will need to know if my post processor will be compatible with the Longmill control. Can anyone provide me a sample of a typical 2.5D and 3D gcode file? Thanks

Welcome @Jimbaker!

I can likely pass you some gcode, but I’m not sure I’m clear on what you’re looking for. I use Fusion 360 for design, and a slightly modified version of the built-in GRBL post processor that Fusion includes (I modified it to add one more decimal of precision, I was finding some curves generated errors). The output is fully functional for the LongMill.

Let me know if I can get you other information, or if you would like some gcode to check out.


Thanks Ed. I’m using a grbl post at the moment so I should be okay. Can you tell me if the Longmill control is based on GRBL? Also, is it capable of drilling canned cycles?

Hi Jim - yes (as far as I know, but from several sources) the LongMill is based on GRBL. The only complexity (at least in Fusion 360) is to ensure that “Output M6” is unchecked, and Safe Retracts is set to “Clearance Height”.

I don’t know about canned cycles though, sorry about that. Looking forward to seeing what you create!


Welcome @Jimbaker
Yep, longmill and longboard are grbl
Are you using gSender?
Tell us more about the canned cycle you are asking about.

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What CAM program are you using?

I’m thinking about drilling cycles.

Bobcad/cam as well as Cadkey

@Jimbaker you can drill a boat load of holes, just don’t use a drill bit. Use a router bit. Use a spiral ramp tool path if that is an option in the software you use.
Array copy, circular copy, copy along vectors

Grbl is not capable of canned cycles.