Power Supply Wiring

Hi everyone. I know this will sound like a REALLY basic question and I appreciate any time someone could take to answer it. In fact the question is guaranteed to be longer than the answer, lol.

I recently purchased the power brick supply from Sienci for my build. My cnc build is more like the Sienci Mill One.

I needed to remove the block connector on the end of the power brick to connect it to my board/shield. When I remove the block, there is a solid white sheathed copper wiring and then a bunch unsheathed strands bundled together as the “2nd” wire.

There is no indicator on the block which would be (+) vs (-) and the connection point on the board has specified (+) (-) connectors position. There seems to be a bunch of conflicting information online. Mainly because of the copious amounts of crosstalk about household/auto/etc. wiring standards.

With that said, can someone simply tell me in this case, which wire is which? I’d really like to avoid messing up my board.

@HKYcountry In any cable like this that I have come across, the centre wire is positive and the “stranded” outer sleeve is negative. If you have a volt meter, it’s a simple matter to hook it up and see which is which, just to be sure.

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@gwilki Thanks for the response. Admittedly I was a little hesitant to plug in the power supply and then use a multimeter. Just not something I have done before. Once I did it though, I believe I was able to confirm what you said.

Based on the reading it looks like the power supply I bought from Sienci ( 24V 10A DC Power Supply with A/C Cable), the wire sheathed in “white” is the (+) and the bare stranded wire is the (-).

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