Pricing Custom CNC Cutting Jobs

For those of you with a Longmill CNC how much do you charge as a machine hour or what are other methods that you price doing custom work?

@sgerber Hello Sheldon! I will give you an appropriate answer. I read a while ago 1.00 a minute. That is what I figure on, although it prices me out of most jobs. With that said, I would ask what is your market capable of handling? Where I live, 30.00 an hour is a much more realistic pricing structure, although that barely covers the time. But with that said, I would rather do 3 jobs at 30.00 an hour, versus no jobs at 60.00 per hour. Do I sound like a car salesman yet?

What I am trying to say is know your market, and price accordingly. Easier said than done? Absolutely. But don’t price so low that you actually loose money.

Hope this helps you and sort of makes sense!

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