Probe Z Axis locks out after moving up

When trying to zero the touch plate Z axis moves up and locks out how do I fix this problem?

It might be possible that you are starting the probe too far away from the touch plate. If it is too far from the plate it can time out so that it prevents the machine from ramming into the wasteboard forever. I would recommend trying the cycle again with the touch plate less than an inch away from the touch plate and see if you have better luck that way.

I have tried your suggestion of moving probe closer to touch plate. Nothing changed. when i try to zero off of touch plate z axis moves up and locks out. dont know what i am doing wrong.

@woodmauler How thick is the material? Is it possible that your Z is topping out when it rises at the start of the probing?

material is .75 thick.

@woodmauler While unlikely, could your Z be topping out when it rises at the start of probing?

that is what is happening. when i hit the probe button the z axis immediately moves up and locks out.

@woodmauler when you go to open the probe menu, but before you run the probing operation, does the dialog tell you that your touch plate is making ‘contact’ without you even touching the plate to your bit?

If so then your magnet might not be placed correctly or your wiring might not be right since it’s completing the circuit on it’s own - this would make it move up and lock out when you actually begin probing since it thinks it’s already touching the plate and is confused